US-G Equina

G-Class Unitrans Starliner


Hull: SM+10, 10,000 tons, 150 m, Unstreamlined
1. Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor (DR 30)
2. Habitat (Crew)
3. Habitat (30 Luxury)
4-6. Habitats (180)
Core – Control Room (C10 computers, Comm/Sensors 12)
1. Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor (DR 30)
2-6. Habitats (300)
1. Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor (DR 30)
2. Comm Relay
3. Warp Drive
4-5. Gravitic Subwarp Drive (Pseudo-velocity)
6. Engine Room
Core – Anti-Matter Reactor


The Equina is a mid-range, medium-size, moderate-luxury Unitrans Starlines vessel. It is fully warp-capable, with a maximum range on 2,000,000 Astru (25,000 parsecs) before refueling its anti-matter reactor. It typically makes journeys of around 50,000 parsecs, stopping at several Unitrans hub worlds along the way to refuel, resupply, and load and unload passengers. The Equina carries about 500 passengers and a crew of 50, with individual quarters. The 30 first-class cabins are well-appointed and feature the best furnishings and entertainment, and are well-attended to by the crew. The remaining quarters are small, but private and comfortable. The habitats are equipped with dining halls, a sickbay, and emergency life boats in each section. The ships crew consist of the captain, pilot, navigator, chief engineer, chief steward, medic, 20 technicians, and 24 stewards.

The ship’s current journey from Siahu to Regon is about 50,000 parsecs (40,000,000 Astru), an 18-day voyage including several stops. It has stopped at Nitochi, Drakmagos, Iero, Eden, Arcadia, Serpo, and has just recently left Midgard, it’s penultimate stop. It has picked up and dropped off passengers at each spaceport along the way, many of whom boarded the Equina from other vessels with other origins.

US-G Equina

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