Character Creation

Character Creation

To begin with, players should create a character concept and backstory for their character. The character concept describes their profession, outlook, personality, and goals; the backstory is their personal history, life experiences, training, and background.

Characters are built based off of character points, which are used to buy attributes, skills, and special advantages and powers. There are no classes or levels. Characters will start with 150 character points at creation. Up to 50 points can be taken in Disadvantages, in addition to any given by the character’s racial template.

Point costs and associated Advantages and Disadvantages for each Sentient Species are determined by the template for each species. Choosing a species should be the first step in character creation.

Next, players should choose their character’s attributes. The four basic attributes (IQ< Dexterity, Strength, and Health) all start at 10 points. ST and HT are 10 points/level to increase or decrease, while IQ and DX are 20 points/level. Secondary abilities are calculated based on these but can be raised or lowered individually. Hit Points start equal to ST (2 points/level), Perception starts equal to IQ (5 points/level), Will starts equal to IQ (5 points/level), and Fatigue Points start equal to HT (3 points/level). Basic Speed starts equal to (HT+DX)/4 (5 points per .25 sed), and Basic Move starts equal to Basic Speed (5 points per 1 m/s).

Next players should choose their character’s build, appearance, and social backgrounds. Characters start with fluency in Glossan and one additional language based on their species and origin, and are literate in any language they can speak. They should also buy starting wealth and status; the standard starting wealth level is $100,000, which may be kept or used to purchase starting equipment.

Next players should choose their character’s skills. Each skill has a controlling attribtute (IQ, DX, ST, or HT) and a difficulty level (Easy, Average, Hard, or Very Hard). Skills are rated in relation to their controlling attribute, and point cost is dependent on difficulty level:

Level Easy Average Hard Very Hard
-3 x x x 1
-2 x x 1 2
-1 x 1 2 4
+0 1 2 4 8
+1 2 4 8 12
+2 4 8 12 16
+3 8 12 16 20
+4 12 16 20 24

with every additional level costing 4 additional points. Skills can usually default to a level based on their controlling attribute and difficulty: -4 for Easy, -5 for Average, -6 for Hard or Very Hard. Some skills can also default to a level based on other, related skills. Characters can use skills at default if they have spent no points on them. Players can also purchase Techniques, which give characters a bonus when using skills for specific tasks. Average Techniques cost 1 point per level, and Hard techniques cost 2 points for the first level and 1 point for each additional level.

Finally players should choose their character’s advantages and disadvantages. All mundane mental, social, and physical advantages are available for purchase. Exotic and supernatural advantages are also available, but must be justified by the characters backstory. Point costs are specific to each advantage. Magic is also considered an advantage. Magery (5 + 10 points/level) is the basic level of magical power, while Realm powers (15 points/level) describe power with a specific Realm, and have an associated skill. Other Powers are also considered advantages.

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Character Creation

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