Starting Out

Welcome to Tetrax!

Welcome players! If you haven’t already, check out the Wiki to learn about the Universe of Tetrax and the GURPS system.

Then, create your character with a budget of 150 character points.

Our campaign will start on board the US-G Equina, a Unitrans Starlines vessel. The ship’s total roundabout journey from Siahu to Regon is about 50,000 parsecs (40,000,000 Astru), a two-month voyage. It has stopped at Nitochi, Drakmagos, Iero, Eden, Arcadia, Serpo, and had just recently left Midgard, it’s penultimate stop. It has picked up and dropped off passengers at each stop along the way, many of whom boarded the Equina from other vessels with other origins.

Your backstory should include an explanation of why your character is on the Equina.


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