Divine Magic System

Divine Magic System

Divine magic uses the Divine Favor system (see Powers: Divine Favor). Divine magic users must be pledged to a specific Deity, which restricts the miracles they may pray for to that Deity’s domain. Any appropriate Advantage may be adapted into a Learned Prayer as an Alternative Ability to Divine Favor (see GURPS Powers). A Theurge’s Mana is determined by Power Investiture in the same way that it is determined by Magery for arcane spellcasters.

Power Investiture adds to both petition rolls and reaction rolls. Mana can also be spent to add to either roll at +1 per point, up to their rank in Diving Favor. Learned prayers require a minimum mana cost dependent on the level of the miracle: 1 for Minor Blessing, 2 for Major Blessing, 3 for Miraculous Power, and 4 for World-Shaking Miracles.

Paragons may gain additional bonuses on their petition role by praying for a longer time, using a holy symbol (even more for an especially holy instrument), the presence of worshipers, and sanctity. They can receive bonuses or penalties on their reaction roll based on the seriousness of the situation, their recent behavior, and the sanctity of the area. They do not receive penalties for previously successful prayers.

Prophets can engage in extended prayer, with each interval of prayer lasting one hour. They may channel mana at each stage, and gain an additional +1 per hour to their petition and reaction roles. The caster may end the prayer and roll for petition and reaction when ready.

Two or more clerics praying together may use the best of all of their petition and reaction rolls. They all receive and additional +1 bonus on all rolls for each other paragon. All of the petitioners involved must draw their power from the same Deity.

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Divine Magic System

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