Arcane Realms

Arcane Realms

Arcane magic, or Thaumbaturgy, involves the manipulation of the metaphysical energies of the eight Metarealms, those realms outside the physical Universe that anchor the four Axes of Creation. These four perpendicular axes (Substance: Energy-Matter, Perception: Chance-Mind, Relation: Space-Time, and Spirit: Life-Death) form the basic structure of reality, and their intersection is the physical reality of Tetrax. The four Axes and eight Metarealms are the basis of many aspects of culture in the Cosmos, including religion, magical study, social systems, and even technological development. The Arcane Realms are real places, with a variety of spirit inhabitants, many of which are embodiments of concepts related to the nature of the Realm.

To master magic, a Thaumbaturge must have both the metaphysical strength to shape physical reality, as well as an understanding of the mystical forces of the Realm involved to control the effect. Both intense study and mystical practices are necessary to gain further power. But with the correct knowledge and practices, a wizard can control virtually any aspect of reality. Practitioners of arcane magic are known by many names: thaumaturge, thaumatologist, or arcanist are general terms; wizard refers to academic students of magic; sorcerers treat magic as a physical study; mystics or mediums have an innate connection to a Realm that allows them to perform magical effects; and other names refer to mages by discipline.

The Axis of Potential

The Axis of Potential joins the Metarealms of Mind and Chance. On one end is the boundless possibility of fortune and the unknown, on the other the determinism and knowledge of the will.


The Metarealm of Chance governs probability, fortune, and fate. The coalescence of infinite possibility into a single destiny is the domain of this Realm. Mages who master the power of Chance can control probability on small and large scales, making the improbable possible, and reshape the destiny of particles, individuals, groups, and the Cosmos itself. The spiritual denizens of the Chance Realm are known as Ethereals, and embody the swirling chaos of possibility. Chance is associated with orange, topaz, gold, ebony, and coral. Soothsayers are often sought for their ability to bring good luck, and just as often avoided for their ability to bring ill fortune.


The Metarealm of Mind governs the thoughts and wills of all sentient beings. Thought, feeling, knowledge, and perception are all the domain of the Mind. Mages who master this Realm can alter perceptions, read thoughts, and even control minds. Both the minds of sentient beings and the synthetic minds of computers and robots are subject to this Realm. The spiritual denizens of the Mind Realm are known as Astrals and represent a thought or idea. Mind is associated with blue, sapphire, silver, oak, and shells. Although mind magic is not flashy, Psychics are distrusted and feared; few like the idea of their most private thoughts being observed or especially controlled.

The Axis of Relation

The Axis of Relation connects the Metarealms of Space and Time. All events and objects that exist in the Cosmos are defined by and related to one another through their location space and time.


The Metarealm of Space governs the spatial relations between objects in the Cosmos – distance, size, and location. Space determines where things are, how far apart they are, and how they relate to each other. Space mages can manipulate distances and dimensions, bend and warp space, and even open wormholes. The spiritual denizens of the Space Realm are known as Phantoms and are usually spirits of a particular place. Space is associated with indigo, amethyst, tin, maple, and scales. In a Cosmic society founded on space travel, Augurs can be very influential and sought after.


The Metarealm of Time governs the temporal realtionships between events in the Cosmos. Sequences of events, cause and effect, and the invetiable march from past to future are part of this Realm. Time mages can speed up or slow down time, see into the future or past, and even travel thorugh time. The spiritual denizens of the Time Realm are known as Zeitgeists and embody the spirit of a specific moment in time. Time is associated with yellow, citrine, copper, fir, and leather. Time magic is often subtle rather than overt, but the power of an Oracle is not to be denied.

The Axis of Spirit

The Axis of Spirit connects the Metarealms of Life and Death. This is the spectrum from the near-infinite forms of life in the Cosmos to the ultimate end of all things.


The Metarealm of Death governs all forms decay, destruction, and death. The inevitable march of entropy, as well as unnatural undead creatures, are the result of the influence of Death. Mages with power over Death can both hasten and ward off decay, raise undead servants, and even kill with a touch or thought. The spiritual denizens of the Death Realm are called Wraiths and embody a specific aspect of Death. Death is associated with violet, tourmaline, lead, ash, and bone. Justified or not, many people fear and assume the worst of Necromancers, but Death can be used for good or evil as easily as any other magic. Mastery over both Life and Death is necessary to truly return the dead to life, and masters with such power are incredibly rare even in the vast Cosmos.


The Metarealm of Life governs the form and function of all the living things in the Cosmos. From the smallest single-cellular organism to the most complex sentient beings, all creatures are imbued with the power of Life. Mages who master Life magic can heal, shapeshift, cure and cause disease, and command lower life forms. The spiritual denizens of the Life Realm are called Sprites and embody a specific kind of life. Life is associated with green, emeralds, platinum, vine, and chitin. Shamans are often seen as benevolent healers, but it can also be used for more sinister ends.

The Axis of Substance

The Axis of Substance ties together the Metarealms of Energy and Matter, which make up the physical Universe.


The Metarealm of Energy governs all forms of energy – heat, light, electomanetism, gravity, nuclear forces, and the kinetic energy of motion. Mages who control Energy can manipulate fire, cold, light, electricity, and any other natural forces. The spiritual denizens of the Energy Realm are known as Elementals and embody a particular form of energy. Energy is associated with red, rubies, radium, cherrywood, and horn. Conjurers often use their magic for war and destruction, but it has peaceful uses as well.


The Metarealm of Matter governs the physical forms of matter that make up planets, stars, and living things. All the elements of the periodic table are aspects of Matter, as are more complex chemicals and substances. There are also the imbued elements, which are base forms of matter infused with magic. Transmuters can reshape and transform matter to their whim. The spiritual denizens of the Matter Realm are called Golems and embody a particular form of matter. Matter is associated with cyan, diamonds, iron, ironwood, and ivory. A combination of Matter and Energy magic can create the exotic matter needed to power warp drives.

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Arcane Realms

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