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The Universe of Tetrax

Billions of years ago, the Four Axes of Creation aligned, and at the center of the Metacosmos, the Universe burst into being. On varied planets orbiting distant suns, life arose. Over millions of years, the cycle of life continued, eventually producing species possessing true sentience. They created language, began to explore their worlds, and learned to harness the power of magic. As their civilizations advanced, so did their understanding of the laws that governed the physical and meta-physical worlds. Cities and nations rose and fell, and one by one the peoples of the Universe began to look to the stars. They spread across the vast interstellar distances, encountering one another and establishing stellar empires. There was an age of war, followed by an age of peace and unity. After nearly 10 millenia of uniting all the civilizations of the Cosmos under a single banner, the Grand Council of Tetrax broke apart, ushering in an age of chaos and destruction. New empires began to form across the stars. But these new empires were united not by race but by culture, outlook, philosophy, and government. For the past thousand years, an uneasy peace still reigns, but the Universe is a much more interesting (and dangerous) place than it was when the Council reigned.


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