The Eight-Faced Faith

Far less widespread than the polytheistic faith of the Pantheon is the faith of Shemonel, the Eight-Faced Deity. Shemonelists claim there is but one all-powerful deity, with eight aspects reflected in the eight Arcane Realms: Hayael (Life), Temutael (Death), Meretzel (Energy), Homerel (Matter), Merhavel (Space), Tekufael (Time), Todaael (Mind), and Mazellel (Chance). All are considered to be part of the same divine entity. They claim that the deities of the Pantheon are false gods, rebellious spirits that have raised themselves above the Divine Creator, and that one day Shemonel will destroy them and restore the Cosmos to its rightful order.

The church of Shemonel is tightly organized, led by a single Pontifex and a council of eight High Priests, with several ranks of archbishops, bishops, and priestly orders below them. The faith has few adherents outside the Thearchy, but followers are often devoted to the point of fanaticism.

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